Semiconductor cutting knife

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Semiconductor cutting knife

LROND factory specializes in the production of capacitor cutters, semiconductor cutters, light guide plate cutters, tungsten steel blades, MLCC capacitor cutters, ultra-thin tungsten steel scrapers for LCD screens, and other products. The knives are made using tungsten steel hard alloy technology, and standard specifications are available in stock. We provide customized production and after-sales repair and grinding services.

MLCC capacitor cutter tungsten steel cutter: (common specifications: length * width * thickness) 147mm*22.5mm*0.1 mm ;152mm*22.5mm*0.1mm;152mm*17.3mm*0.15mm ;152mm*17.3mm*0.2mm; 160mm*22.5mm*0.1mm ;169mm*17.3mm*0.2mm ; 169mm*18mm*0.1mm ;230mm*17.3mm*0.25mm ;300mm*18.8mm*0.15mm ;400mm*25.8mm*0.5mm ... (Product technical) Ultra fine diamond tungsten steel straight cutting blade, processed to a mirror finish, with a knife edge magnified 400 times without defects. The thinnest tungsten steel saw blade can be processed to 0.10 mm, with axial runout ≤ 0.01mm and radial runout ≤ 0.01mm. We can process specific specifications and special cutting edges according to user requirements, and process multiple capacitor slices. The cutting edges are sharp, durable, and can achieve high smoothness, with a cutting frequency of up to 900000 times

LCD screen ultra-thin tungsten steel scraper: (Common specifications: length * width * thickness)42mm*18.8mm*0.5mm ; 60mm*18.5mm*0.5mm ; 85mm*18.5mm*0.5mm ; 115mm*18.5mm*0.5mm ; 105mm*20mm*0.5mm ; 120mm*18.5mm*0.5mm ; 125mm*18.5mm*0.5mm ...

Light guide plate blade: (Common specifications: length * width * thickness)150mm*25mm*1mm ; 150mm*25mm*2mm ; 150mm*25mm*3mm ; 160mm*25mm*1mm ; 160mm*25mm*2mm ; 160mm*25mm*3mm ; 170mm*25mm*1mm ; 170mm*25mm*2mm ; 175mm*25mm*2mm ; 175mm*26mm*3mm ...

Standard specifications available in stock, non-standard products can be produced and customized according to demand